[Marxism] [CubaNews] The True Left In Hollywood

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Wed Aug 15 10:59:59 MDT 2007

An article as stupid and mendacious as the Bushit propaganda film, 
slandering Persia and glorifying the brutal militarism and hatred of 
democracy synonymous with Sparta, that it shills for.

>The True Left In Hollywood
>By Slavok Zizek
>Cubanow.- The Slovenian philosopher looks into the moral and ideological
>implications of the film"300", which narrates the story of 300 Spartans that
>sacrificed themselves to hamper the invasion of the Persian army.

The film that Zizek praises is essentially contrary to historical fact. Greece
was not a "country," but a congeries of city-states and their colonies
extending from Anatolia to Provence.  It was Greeks (Athenians) who 
started the war in the first place by burning Sardis to the ground. A 
major Greek state, Thebes (which a century later was to free the 
Greeks from Spartan oppression) was pro-Persian--and the only portion 
of the Persian Alliance's fleet to escape intact from the disaster of 
Salamis was that from the Greek-Phoenician seaport of Ephesus, 
commanded by Queen Artemisia.         It was the "bribed" Delphic 
Oracle that provided Themistocles with
his winning strategy (saving Athens through its "wooden walls."). 
And as for Thermopylae, its military significance was minor, a mere 
action.  Once the Persians had outflanked the barred pass, the bulk
of the Greek forces withdrew to fight again. But not the 300 Spartans--
they had to get themselves killed. And why?  For propaganda!! They
needed to create a legend in order to obscure the dreadful fact that
when the Athenians, alone, had defeated the Persians at Marathon the
Spartans, who were committed to join them, had preferred to stay home.
No matter--their propaganda victory at Thermopylae continues to
resound in the spirit of Washington and Hollywood--and in the
ramblings of the "philosopher" Zizek.

Shane Mage         

>"One can never agree, in any kind of war, with events that take the 
>lives of innocent civilians. Nobody could justify the attacks of the 
>German Air Force on British cities during World War II, nor the 
>thousands of bombers that systematically destroyed German cities in 
>the decisive moments of the war, nor the two atomic bombs which the 
>United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an act of pure 
>terrorism against old people, women and children."  (Fidel Castro)

>Contrary to the interpretations brought about by the film, Zizek considers
>that the story's plot places the Spartans, owing to their discipline and
>spirit of sacrifice, closer to Arab resistance armies than to the US
>chauvinist spirit.
>"The poor, those people devoid of power, all they have is their discipline."
>Zack Snyder's "300", the saga of the three hundred Spartan soldiers that
>were sacrificed at Thermopylae to impede the invasion of the Persian army
>led by Jerjes, was criticized as the worst type of patriotic militarism, in
>an obvious allusion to recent tensions with Iran and the Iraq events. But
>actually are things so clear? The film would rather have to be defended at
>all cost from such accusations.
>There are two points we must not miss. The first one refers to the story
>itself. We are dealing here with the story of a small and poor country
>(Greece) that has been invaded by the army of a much bigger and more
developed nation...

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