[Marxism] Oppose the Indo-US Nuclear Deal and 123 Agreement: Press release

David Walters dave.walters at comcast.net
Wed Aug 15 12:11:43 MDT 2007

So, what I get from this group, ABOLITION 2000, is that they *support*  
the US imposed ban on the sale of nuclear technology to India based on 
*US laws* about non-proliferation. They are in favor of the US using 
it's imperialist might to dictate who can and cannot use nuclear 
technology. Sukla, does this bother you at all?

Naveem, you could well be correct about your view of the strategic 
military aspects of this agreement. Clearly the dynamic of the US-India 
relationship has been improving for the US. Obviously the irony of the 
visit by a US nuclear powered and armed air-craft carrier being escorted 
by fly-byes by the Indian Air Force with Russian made MIGs can't be lost 
on any one.

That the motivation for the whole agreement is military is still 
something that is very highly speculative and unprovable (not to say 
it's wrong, just that you couldn't really prove it). One of the problems 
one gets into is that the excuse of non-proliferation is being used to 
stymie legitimate development of nuclear energy. The same argument could 
be used against any country that wants to use nuclear energy. The facts 
are that India already had the bomb and it has a sophisticated nuclear 
energy infrastructure.

I've already received numerous e-mails (as I did last time this came up 
a month ago) from Indians who hold my position on this: no to nuclear 
bombs, yes to nuclear energy, or at least separating the issues. Even 
though, being a Yankee anti-imperialist, I have to defend the right of 
the Indian *nation* to pursue nuclear weapons, at least until the US and 
other NATO countries ALSO agree to disarm...otherwise there really isn't 
a discussion.  But even this is secondary, politically speaking, to the 
issue of the right of India not to be pushed around by the US Congress 
and Dept. of State. This deal was cut by the Indian gov't essentially 
begging the US to set it free from constraints in nuclear trade while 
actually reimposing other constraints.


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