[Marxism] Electoral Cretinism

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 11:37:31 MDT 2007

Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:

> Why do we think the Linkspartei in Germany an 
> interesting development? Because Laffontaine will 
> lead the country towards socialist revolution and
all > that? No. He's just a pain in the ass of our
> Why not supporting him?

It is interesting that this discussion is emerging at
exactly the same moment that I have been tilting at
windmills trying to convince the maintainer of Lenin's
Tomb how unsupportable Lafontaine is.

To recap for Marxism readers:

1. Lafontaine played a pivotal role in helping to
scrap Germany's liberal asylum laws at the beginning
of the 1990s in the wake of racist pogroms against

2. In his most recent book, Lafontaine openly
expresses his desire to deny German citizenship to
those who do not speak German and frets about the fact
that the "immigration country" USA will soon no longer
have a white majority.

3. Openly expressed his support for the plan of former
SPD interior minister to construct concentration camps
in North Africa to prevent asylum seekers from
reaching Europe.

4. Proposed the merging of social insurance and
unemployment insurance, which later become reality
through the Hartz IV "reforms".

5. Most famously, accused foreign workers of taking
away the jobs of German workers.  Many doubt the
veracity of the last claim or accuse those making it
of misrepresenting Lafontaine's position, so it is
worth re-printing the quote:

"Der Staat ist verpflichtet zu verhindern, dass
Familienväter und Frauen arbeitslos werden, weil
Fremdarbeiter ihnen zu Billiglöhnen die Arbeitsplätze

"The state is obligated to prevent, that heads of
families and women become unemployed, because
Fremdarbeiter take their jobs away for low wages."

Now, the Left Party is a contradictory entity, and
there are many fine individuals within it: Sarah
Wagenknecht, Victor Grossman, Thiess Gleiss, the
comrades around the Communist Platform and the
Anti-Capitalist left: www.antikapitalistische-linke.de

But Lafontaine is entirely unsupportable, not merely
from a revolutionary, but from any "left" perspective
worthy of the name.

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