[Marxism] Eric Mielants

bhandari at berkeley.edu bhandari at berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 16 11:40:30 MDT 2007

look forward to reading book, thanks much for the review. One argument is
not uniqueness of European cities per se but the network of cities, i.e. 
many cities with huge tradeable surpluses came into being in Europe at
around the same time, which led to the flourishing of trade and the rise
of the merchant class. For example the cities in the Lowlands and Italy
which came into being around 1200. This is the interpretation that Prem
Shankar Jha suggests. I don't know whether this establishes the uniqueness
of Europe. But the importance and uniqueness of the network of European
cities as they arose between 1200-1400 seems to be an interesting angle. A
long tradition of course compares European cities to Asian ones,
considering the latter to be movable military camps.
Yours, Rakesh

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