[Marxism] SACRAMENTO BEE: "U.S. embargo of Cuba isn't working, so end it"

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Fri Aug 17 07:45:31 MDT 2007

(This excellent editorial even attacks the Democrats, who now control
the Congress, for caving in to the Miami exile militants on this, and
leaves out the all-too-familiar mantra of some that the best way to
overthrow the Cuban Revolution is to end the "embargo". EXCELLENT.)

U.S. embargo of Cuba isn't working, so end it
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Almost every year, the U.S. trade and travel embargo against Cuba comes
before Congress. Every time it does, efforts to reverse the failed policy,
now nearly a half-century old, are defeated.

Why? Because a small group of Cuban Americans in south Florida has
inordinate sway over U.S. policy.

Still, there was hope the new majority in Congress would change the dynamic
- especially since Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is aging and ill. By engaging
in people-to-people exchanges and trade, the United States could have a
positive impact on Cuba's transition to a new regime.

It's long past time to try something different. The U.S. embargo has done
nothing to weaken the Castro regime or to improve conditions for the Cuban
people. All it has done is harden the hearts of many Cubans - some of our
closest neighbors - toward America.

It happened again this year. On July 27, 66 Democrats voted with179
Republicans to defeat an amendment that would have made it easier for U.S.
farmers to sell agricultural goods to Cuba. Goods such as almonds, wine and

The vote was 182-245 against the amendment.

This small island poses no threat to the United States. The Cold War, in
which Cuba was a battleground, has been over for about 20 years.

We allow Americans to travel to Iran, a member of the so-called Axis of
Evil, but not to Cuba. We trade with China and countless other countries
with terrible human rights records in the justified hope that this exchange
will bring change. The embargo has only made Castro more popular and has
given his repressive regime a convenient scapegoat to blame for all of
Cuba's many problems.

We've all heard the tongue-in-cheek definition of psychosis: Doing the same
repeatedly and expecting a different result. So why not try something new
after 46 years? Embrace trade, don't embargo it.

A Florida International University poll found that 74 percent of Cuban
Americans in Miami believe the U.S. embargo against Cuba has not worked. Yet
the Democratic-controlled Congress, claiming a "New Direction," remains
fixed on the old course. The wrong course.

Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
writer - photographer - activist

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