[Marxism] Hasidic dirty-dancing

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Fri Aug 17 08:41:28 MDT 2007

It isn't only the youth who chafe at religious proscriptions. In my Queens,
New York neighborhood, rowdy Hasidic men frequent the local "titty bar."
It's quite a sight to see several burly Hasidic men, in their garb,
staggering out of this place obviously drunk, at 3 a.m.

And for years, a certain Russian Turkish baths in Manhattan was the
rendezvous place for gay and bisexual Hasids and Orthodox, young, middle
aged and elderly. The cruising, groping and sometimes actual sex that went
on among these fine devout family men was amazing. An older man who had
frequented this "shvitz" for decades once pointed out to me a heavyset,
bearded, 50-something Hasid. "That's David," my Virgil told me. "He's a
rabbi with 10 kids but he comes here twice a week to be naked with the

What people actually do (or would like to do)always flouts the pious
rhetoric and rigid taboos of their particular creeds.

Now about those christer evangelicals....


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