[Marxism] South Africa - point of clarification

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Sat Aug 18 10:21:40 MDT 2007

Walter quotes NORM DIXON who wrote:
"the ANC government, a harsh neo-liberal capitalist regime that is 
now Washington's appointed major partner on the African continent."

Walter can't understand why the this statement against the S. African gov't is so "strong".(his term). 
Then Walter suggests that S. Africa as eveyone knows is a capitalist gov't. Then goes on, in post 
after post, to basically praise the ANC which is implementing what capitalists gov't do: "harsh neo-
liberal" 'reforms.Walter then throws out one his xx-country gets along with Cuba items to show that 
even though it's capitalist, isn't it swell that this capitalist gov't has good relations with Cuba.

I don't think this makes the ANC 'better' an iota. Walter has yet to show how Norm's statement is in 
one degree false. Walter's concession that the ANC is a capitalist politcial movement leading a neo-
liberal regime as if characterizing such a gov't as anti-working class is somewhow, what? "Pefectionist"?

I'm not sure what Walter is really saying anymore. That the ANC is reelected is supposed to add 
some sort of left-legitamacy to the gov't? He feels so obligated to defend the existance of the ever 
failing ANC-COSATU-SACP alliance as if this is a GOOD THING!??! Why is it a good thing that 
the working class organizations end up subordinating their class differences with the ANC that errupt 
on the street in massive strikes and rallies?


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