[Marxism] How to Make Enemies and Destroy Cities

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_How to Make Enemies and  Destroy Cities_ 
Posted by saifedean on 22nd June 2007 
On my news feed, a few days ago, next to each other were two items that  
demonstrate two incredible, and not all too unrelated, phenomena that tell you a  
lot about America today. 
_New Orleans Pursues Foreign Aid_ 
_Washington to Increase Military Aid to  Israel_ 
As New Orleans struggles to rebuild itself, and the Federal money that was  
supposed to fund this rebuilding is trickling far slower than it was promised,  
President Bush announced an increase in the aid package to Israel and secured 
it  for the next ten years. 
The Big Easy, one of America’s most beautiful and diverse cities, languishes  
in debris two years after it was devastated by hurricane Katrina, the  
incompetence of the Army Corps of Engineers who never bothered to check the  levies, 
and the criminal negligence of the Bush Administration and their  countless 
cronies at all levels of government. 
Only half of the promised $320 million in Federal aid for infrastructure has  
arrived to New Orleans, leaving its mayor desperate enough to pick up the 
phone  and call back all the world leaders who had made pledges for aid, 
including  Saudi Arabia and Cuba. 
On the other hand, the criminal government of Israel, which has murdered  
thousands of children over the last few years is given $2.4 billion (rising to  
$2.9b) in military aid. This is the money that will go to fund tanks, 
aircrafts,  machine guns that will eventually bomb Palestinian and Lebanese children. 
With  each of these dollars, America is engendering the enmity of millions of 
Arabs  who watch these weapons in action every day. 
What was most fascinating was this snippet: 
The prime minister asked U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for his  
assistance in expediting the handling of a number of IDF procurement requests  
meant to complete the replenishment of equipment and stores used during the  
Second Lebanon War. 
Gates pointed out that though there is no problem with the requests in  
principle, there is an orderly procedure. However, Bush intervened and  directed 
the defense secretary to expedite approval of the IDF’s  requests.
It must be reassuring for the millions of Americans who saw their President  
do nothing as New Orleans drowned that he “intervened” to “expedite” the IDF 
 request. President Bush will go to any lengths to make sure that bureaucracy 
and  “orderly procedures” do not get in the way of Israel’s bombing of 
children. As  for the children drowning in New Orleans, he can trust Michael Brown 
to take  care of them. 
So in one case, the American government is not spending enough money to  
rebuild one of the country’s most beautiful cities, leaving thousands homeless;  
while in the other case, the government is spending money on weapons to destroy 
 Arab cities, murder Arab children and win more enemies. 
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