[Marxism] Author's query - regarding South AFrica

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 18 13:21:58 MDT 2007

As part of a discussion on South Africa, I'm looking for Bulletin In
Defense of Marxiam (BIDOM) #24 from November 1985. Not the whole
issue, but only three pages, an article called THE FIGHT FOR A FREE
SOUTH AFRICA by Tom Barrett, which is on pages 9-12. The specific
issue (it was photocopied and stapled at that time), had a purple
cover. I have that issue, except for not those pages. I wrote a
response to that article, and would like to post the original
alongside my comment. I asked the author, and he doesn't have it
handy. Holt Labor Library is closed until Labor Day.

It really does seem that history repeats itself, like in that movie
GROUNDHOG DAY. These discussions on South Africa are very much like
that. I can freely acknowledge that I have changed my position
substantially since that time.

Anyone who has this, I would be grateful if they would scan it and
send it to me.


Walter Lippmann
walterlx at earthlink.net

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writer - photographer - activist

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