[Marxism] ANC

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Aug 18 20:00:52 MDT 2007

Walter wrote:
>The masses of South African black people continue to support the
ANC-CPSA-COSATU government while a small handful of international
left-wing critics campaign against this government.

Actually, this is simply not true, as Walter has been told before. 

Electoral participation in South Africa has *fallen dramatically* since

I teach a course on an introduction to the social sciences to
international students and part of it is on South Africa.  In this we
happen to look at, and research, stuff like socio-economic inequality
and electoral participation.

Black electoral abstention rates now are *massive*.  On present trends
the likelihood is that more black South Africans will abstain in the
next presidential elections than will vote ANC (in fact, black
abstentionism in the last presidential election was pretty close to the
number who voted ANC).  

Meanwhile the collapse of the old Nationalist Party has meant that a
section of its votes have gone to the ANC, because part of the old
support base of apartheid understands that the ANC is the chief
guarantor of continuing (and in many fields expanding) inequality.

Still, at least Walter is consistent.  He uncritically supports Sinn
Fein being in coalition government with Ian Paisley, helping administer
the institutions of British imperialist rule in the north of Ireland
too.  (A situation which, by the way, the ANC helped facilitate.)


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