[Marxism] Peru Earthquake Leaves 250,000 Victims

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Peru Seism Leaves 250,000 Victims
Manuel Robles Sosa

Lima, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Nearly 253 victims left the earthquake
that devastated the Peruvian region of Ica, the territory"s governor
Romulo Triveno informed Sunday, while the situation in the affected
zone is still critic.

Triveno stated that the seism affected about 45,500 houses, a figure
larger than that given by the civil defense, which was of 33,192
houses destroyed and 33,191 victims.

The figures spread by the governor were given during a Saturday
meeting with President Alan Garcia, who is in the city of Pisco, 155
miles south of Lima, the following day of the violent quake.

Meanwhile, the National Civil Defense Institute informed that about
496 people have been killed, after new discoveries of bodies among
the rubbles.

Victims" situation keeps on being critic and new attempts of sackings
by desperate people due to the lack of food and water were registered
Saturday night, which according to mass media, they tried to
intercept trucks with aid.

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Cuba Sends Relief to Peru

Lima, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba sent to Peru two planes with two
campaign hospitals and medical staff to aid the victims of the

Cuban Ambassador to Peru Luis Delfin Perez said in Pisco that both
hospitals will run on autonomous energy due to the power cut
affecting the area.

The 42-member team includes specialists in general medicine, in
orthopedics and traumatology, surgeons, intensive care,
anesthesiologists, gynecologists, radiologists and epidemiologists,
plus nurses and technicians.

Ambassador Perez said both aircraft are to land soon in at the air
base of Pisco, hardest hit by the quake and where President Alan
Garcia has been leading the relief operations since Thursday.

President Garcia noted the international aid reaching Peru after the
quake whose toll in lives unofficial sources number in more than 500.

More Troops to Prevent Looting in Peru

Lima, Aug 18 (Prensa Latina) The Peruvian government said that more
troops would be sent to the earthquake-hit region of Ica, where
looting and pillage marked the third night of fear, chaos, hunger and

At the same time, the death toll increased to 496 on Saturday after
more bodies were found under the debris, although nonofficial counts
show 550 victims. The civil defense system reported that 33,200
families had lost their homes.

Defense Minister Allan Wagner said that another 600 soldiers would be
deployed in the cities of Pisco, Ica, Chincha and Cañete, where 400
troops are on patrol. The police said that it would send more agents
to the region as well.

The reinforcements were announced after President Alan Garcia said on
Friday night that the State would not allow crime, and would keep
order in the affected areas, where the head of State arrived on
Thursday to command the emergency operations.

As the president was speaking, groups of delinquents were assaulting
shops, houses and even a hospital in Chincha, from where they took
medical equipment and drugs.

The situation has worsened in Chincha, where an undetermined number
of prisoners, most of whom have been captured, escaped from the local
jail when the wall surrounding the facility collapsed during the

The situation is worse because people are desperate due to food and
water shortages, so they have assaulted trucks and aid distribution

Congressman Edgar Nuñez, of the governing Aprista Party, who lost
several relatives in Pisco, said food distribution there, the most
affected city, is inefficient.

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