[Marxism] Cuban dissidents tap cyberspace from abroad

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 19 16:29:09 MDT 2007

One thing to remember about the imperialist media on Cuba: THEY LIE.

It's not only opponents of the Revolution who use post materials on
websites outside of the island. Domestic Supporters of the Revolution
do that, too. People like Celia Hart, Pedro Campos Santos and others
who are completely integrated in the revolutionary process post their
commentaries using the internet. News services like CubaNews are
doing whatever we can to help inform the world public of the growing
intellectual and discussion on the island.

What's needed now more than anything is to end Washington's blockade
which is the number one limitation on discussion and debate there.
Before anything else, Washington should permit the Cubans to purchase
internet access through fibre-optic cable connections which are
already there. Cuba is denied such access by Washington, while all
other countries on earth have it. Cuba is forced to purchase internet
access via satellite, which is more expensive than any other way to
receive it.

Also, what's needed is an end to the U.S.-imposed prohibitions on
U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba, and on Cubans traveling to the
United States. Cuba is a blockaded country. It's the only country on
earth where a military base belonging to a hostile foreign power
continues to occupy national soil. Cubans have somewhat of a paranoid
political style, but that's totally understandable since they're
blockaded and Washingto publicly declares its plans, intentions and
activities to finance dissident opposition within the country, and
openly supports anti-Cuban terrorists acting from within the United

The best way to expand democratic discussion and debate within Cuba,
and to help the Cuban people to resolve their problems, is to end
Washington's blockade of the country NOW and to fully normalize
diplomatic relations now. Allow Cubans and people from the U.S. to
travel freely back and forth. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Cuba is open, why not Washington?

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews Los Angeles, California

p.s., not all of the rightist websites are blocked in Cuba. Last time
I was there, a few months ago, while you couldn't access sites like
CANF and Cubanet, I had no trouble accessing the rightist militant
bloggers' sites.


Calls for expanded debate inside Cuba have come from such influential
individuals as Raul Castro, the father of Mariela Castro, and Luis
Sexto, long-time commentator and at Juventud Rebelde newspaper:

LUIS SEXTO: On criticizing Cuba:

LUIS SEXTO: Today's times require debate:

Raul urges students to develop debate, analysis and differences:

Raul urged the university students to be fearless about developing
the practice of debate, analysis and differences, given that timely
discussion, in the appropriate place and in the correct way, would
always produce the best decisions. [December 2006]

Cuban dissidents tap cyberspace from abroad
08/02/2007 07:56
By Anthony Boadle

Read the complete Reuters expose right here today:

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