[Marxism] Cuban dissidents tap cyberspace from abroad

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Sun Aug 19 17:19:22 MDT 2007

At this link:
http://www.granma.cu/ingles/2007/febrero/vier16/08telecon.html Granma has an interesting article 
the already started Carribean Fibre Optic link that should run from Venezuela's eastern coast straight 
up and around every Carribean ilsand excpt Puerto Rioc and the US Virgin Islands and extending 
down into Brazil. It's a fascinating technological developement, akin to a similiar international network Europe.

When it is complete, in theory, Cuba will be as 'broadbanded' as the US. The only bottlenecks are 
where fibre ends and copper begins, but that it true in the US as well. When this happens, that 
country's internet constraint should be off and then it would be only a political and economic issue on 
how far Cuba's population can get everyday sort of access to real high-speed internet. It will be a 
cultural revolution.

Venezueala doesn't have a fibre network so this offers the opportunity for the newly 
nationalized telecommunication industry [TELECOM] to actually move ahead of the previous 
private, US owners and do some serious investment in getting fibre laid in Caracas and then 
throughout the nation. This is already an on going project and the western part of the country is 
already networked (albeit not to usable public computers yet). In my opinion, I hope that the 
Cubans have engineers working with the TELECOM folks so they can learn how to do it 
and then implement it to Cuban conditions.

Interestingly, at the time of the Revolution in 1959, Cuba had the most 
advanced telecommunications system in Latin America, thanks to ITT. They  
may get it again with the advent of fibre on the island.


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