[Marxism] Was there ever a movement of "the 'white' U.S. working class"?

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 18:36:44 MDT 2007

This seems like one of these cases where comparisons
and contrasts with other "white" settler/immigrant
societies could be useful.

For Australia, and, I believe, New Zealand, the answer
would have to be Yes. 

One of the effects of the White Australia Policy was
to ensure that the *only* possible working class
movement in Australia for most of the 20th Century was
that of the "white" working class. The "other"
sections of the working class were tiny and
marginalised. But even in this horrible context, a
working class movement clearly existed.

So a "white" working class not entirely different from
that of the US was capable of producing a significant
class movement, even while it simultaneously wallowed
in cretinous racism.

Alan Bradley

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