[Marxism] Encounters with the FBI

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Sun Aug 19 19:38:02 MDT 2007

Reading your story brings back memories of my brief stint in CISPES  
during the mid-1980's. I only made one trip to El Salvador as part of  
a delegation, and I took maybe ten rolls of slide photos because we  
were planning to do a presentation in NYC after we got back. The  
morning after I returned, I left my apartment in Washington Heights  
for 15 minutes to drop the slides off to be developed at the pharmacy  
down the street. When I returned the door was ajar and my camera bag,  
which had been sitting on the kitchen table, was gone.

Shortly after leaving the organization as full-time cadre, I went to  
a demo in manhattan where we blockaded the federal building. They  
must have arrested 300 or so people, and they let everyone go except  
for me and another full-timer named Paul. They stuck us in the drunk  
tank together overnight, and then the next day they chained us to a  
bunch of crack addicts who were going through withdrawal, put us in  
the back of a police van, drove us to central park, turned the heat  
on high, and left us sitting there with the engine running for three  
or four hours. Then they took us to another jail, and dropped us in  
the holding cell there. They released us the next day, but it took a  
month or so to get over that. I had started to smoke pot pretty  
heavily afterwards, so I decided to leave the country and go to  
Ecuador rather than let myself fall into a full-scale depression. It  
was a good move. BTW, how did you get access to your file?


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