[Marxism] forward: [nyc-immigrantalert] Elvira Arellano arrested by ICE agents EMERGENCY ALERT

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Sun Aug 19 22:59:12 MDT 2007

Today, at approximately 1:30 p.m., Elvira Arellano was arrested by some 15
ICE agents and taken into custody. At the time of her arrest she was calm
and steady and concerned for the safety and state of mind of her son
Saulito. She showed great dignity and courage during her arrest. We have
been unable to contact I.C.E. to find out her status and we are concerned.
We are calling on I.C.E. to give her son, her Pastor and her organization
the opportunity to speak with her and verify her safety.

Elvira Arellano left her sanctuary church in Chicago, where she has been
for the last year, and was moving from one sanctuary church to another
across the country, beginning in L.A. She had announced on Wednesday,
August 15th, that she could no longer sit by in safety and watch thousands
of families being destroyed by our current broken immigration laws.
Elvira had announced that she would make her way to Washington D.C. on
September 12th for a day of prayer in front of the Congress. “If they are
going to arrest me and separate me from my U.S. citizen son, then let them
do it in front of the men and women who have failed in their
responsibility to fix this broken law.”

Elvira’s faith, her love for her son and her love for her people led her
to act where others had failed to act. Her courage and her witness to the
hypocrisy and inhumanity of the immigration laws of this country and the
political cowardice of those in Congress charged with fixing these laws.
We will not and we cannot ignore her call to action. We cannot ignore the
bond of love between a mother and a child that cries out for justice. We
will continue the journey that Elvira Arellano started. We will hold the
national Day of Prayer on September 12th and we will gather before the
Congress in Washington D.C. We call for peaceful, determined mobilization,
beginning tomorrow, in every city and state in this country as we build
toward December 12th.

Let everyone, let every mother or father who loves their children, say
with courage and faith and conviction that say “I am Elvira Arellano.” Let
them say it with the same courage and faith, love and conviction, that
Elvira Arellano has shown the world.

Elvira Arellano told the world that she would do what she had to do to
make this government see what they did not want to see, the terrible
destruction of families that is sweeping this country. Let them see it
now, in Saulito’s broken heart.

We call again for immediate contact with Elvira Arellano and an immediate
report from I.C.E on her condition and on what action I.C.E. plans to take
in respect to her situation.

We call on the U.S. Congress to move immediately on either of the two
prioviate bills which have been lanquishing in committee for over a year,
private bills that, if advanced in the Congress, would have stayed her
deportation pending their outcome. We call on Senator Durbin to
immediately introduce a private bill in her behalf, as he once did, byut
failed to reintroduce in the Democratically controlled Senate.

Elvira Arellano is not a criminal or a terrorist. She is a mother – and
she is a symbol of the failure of this government and this nation to take
responsibility for the system of undocumented labor it has run for
decades, to take responsibility for the families that were formed here and
the children that were born here.

Let us mobilize our people. Let us not be afraid. Let us say with faith
and dignity, “I am Elvira Arellano!”


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