[Marxism] CIA, FBI computers used for Wikipedia edits

Lance Murdoch lancemurdoch at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 09:56:55 MDT 2007

This was an interesting idea by the person who did this.  Anyone can
download the Wikipedia database (although even compressed it is
several gigabytes) and can run whatever queries one wants on it.  If I
hadn't more-or-less given up on Wikipedia for Red Wiki, Red Tellus and
the like, I might be more inclined to do this.

Right now Kevin Poulsen at Wired has a vote on the most shameful
(usually self-interested) anonymous edits to Wikipedia -


People vote for the most shameful with reddit.  One of the top
currently - Dow Chemical removing references to Bhopal from their
Wikipedia article.

I just sent one in of someone removing mention of human rights abuses
by WHISC (formerly School of the Americas) - from Fort Benning, where
WHISC is located.

I agree with progressives over at Wikipedia Review though - this is
not the bad guys out there against the good people who run Wikipedia,
this is the bad guys out there and the bad guys at Wikipedia.  A
critical mass is needed at Red Wiki, Red Tellus and the like as an
alternative to Wikipedia.

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