[Marxism] Was there ever a movement of "the 'white' U.S. working class"?

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 17:07:42 MDT 2007

Joquin Bustelo asked, "Was there ever a movement of
"the 'white' U.S. working class"?"

The answer is, regionally yes, nationally no. The
Working Man's Party of San Francisco, and a couple of
decades later the Union Labor Party both in San
Francisco, were self-consciously "white" workers
movements. Their  main electoral planks were to kick
the Chinese out of the United States. They organized
unions which struck against businesses which hired
Chinese workers alongside of "white workers". They was
equally racist towards black workers, but there just
weren't so many of them in late 19th century and early
20th century SF. If you can find a copy of a book
called Boss Rueff's San Francisco, or another book
Imperial San Francisco, you can read more.

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