[Marxism] Was there ever a movement of"the 'white' U.S. workingclass"?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Aug 21 07:42:00 MDT 2007

Just a footnote for later reference.

Working Class Movements of the past have _always_ been movements of some
lop-sided fragment of the class -- including the class that made the
great revolution. In the aftermath of the October Revolution the
Bolsheviks had a tough time making the phone system work because all the
phone operators were terrified of "the workers" -- i.e., a major part of
the Russian working class did not consider themselves (and were not
considered by other workers) to be workers.

And I don't remember the exact figures, but I think that in the mid-19th
century there were more servants in London than there were industrial
workers in the whole of Britain.

What is the american working class.


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