[Marxism] Indo-US Deal Triggering a Deal For Pakistan from China?

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Pak in talks with China for N-deal 
20 Aug 2007, 0309 hrs IST, 
Saibal Dasgupta,TNN

BEIJING: China is believed to have begun initial
discussions with Pakistan
for entering in to a nuclear deal that would give
Islamabad the kind of
advantages that India is expected to derive out of the
Indo-US deal. This
effectively means access to nuclear materials without
the need for Pakistan
to sign the non-proliferation treaty. 

The move comes after renewed attempts by Islamabad to
persuade China to give
it access to higher levels of nuclear technology and
material in order to
counter the advantages that might accrue to India out
of the 123 deal. 

Beijing's immediate purpose seems to exert pressure on
the United States to
rescind its nuclear deal with India at a time when the
deal is causing a
political storm in New Delhi. But if China does go in
for a nuclear
agreement with Pakistan, it would cause a stir among
nuclear powers as
Pakistan has earlier been found to have proliferated
nuclear technology by
selling it to North Korea and possibly Iran, sources

The nuclear issue is expected to influence the
planning for the planned
visit of the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to
Beijing by the end of
the year. 

China recently indicated that it would enhance its
support to Pakistani
efforts to build nuclear power stations. It has
already helped Pakistan
build one nuclear power station. Islamabad has sought
refuge in Beijing's
support on the nuclear issue after the United States
signed the 123 deal
with India, sources explained. 

Beijing is also emerging as a strong diplomatic allay
of Iran on the nuclear
issue, which is also exerting pressure on the United

Observers feel that Beijing will have to think twice
about actually giving
special advantages to Pakistan because it will upset
the whole
non-proliferation process and cause major upheavals in
diplomacy. It would resort to such a move only if
Chinese leaders see the
Indo-US deal as a source of major threat to itself,
sources said. 

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