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Protests against arrest and deportation of Mexican immigrant Elvira

U.S. authorities called into question in a press release issued by
the Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretariat.

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A CubaNews translation.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.

Inmigrantes hispanos, polacos y asiáticos protestan en Chicago por
detención y deportación de Elvira Arellano

Elvira Arellano, quien aparece en la foto de su arresto

Hispanic, Polish and Asian immigrants protested in Chicago against
Elvira Arellano's arrest and deportation of Elvira Arellano (Photo:
Chicago Tribune). Elvira's mug shot (Photo: Chicago Tribune).

CHICAGO, August 20.- A group of Hispanic, Polish and Asian immigrants
protested outside the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
office against the arrest and deportation of Elvira Arellano, an
undocumented Mexican woman, and demanded an comprehensie reform of
the immigration law, news agencies reported.

A second group demonstrated this Monday in front of Democratic
Senator Richard Durbin's offices and rebuked him for failing to make
the most of his party's majority in both Houses to do more for
Arellano, who is viewed as a symbol by millions of undocumented
immigrants across the United States since she took sanctuary in a
local Methodist church a year ago.

"We'll keep vigil tonight, but in the daytime several organizations
involved in the struggle for immigrants rights will have a meeting to
plan a great demonstration to make known our protest against and
outrage at the cowardly way that woman was seized and swiftly
deported", Javier Rodríguez told AFP in his capacity as leader of the
L.A.-based March 25 Coalition, one of the human rights groups opposed
to action taken by the U.S. immigration authorities.

The U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] issued a
new press release on Monday morning to confirm Arellano's
deportation, calling her "a fugitive illegal alien and a criminal who
for one year tried to evade the federal police".

That same day, a number of different organizations launched a
campaign called Todos Somos Elvira (We Are All Elvira) in preparation
for nationwide demonstrations against the illegal Mexican immigrant's
arrest and deportation, Notimex reported.

Elvira was arrested in Los Angeles and deported to Mexico on Sunday
afternoon, two days after she had left Chicago and following her tour
around four local church sanctuaries where she met with another four
illegal immigrants who had taken refuge there.

Through a telephone link made by Notimex, Enma Lozano, leader of the
Sin Fronteras Center and Elvira's main advisor, remarked that several
organizations will carry on with the fast and prayer the Mexican
immigrant had planned for next September 12 in front of Washington's
Capitol Hill.

During the demonstration, Tony Wasilevsky, whose wife Janina was
deported to her home country two months ago, stated on behalf of the
Polish community that even if a deportation is a personal tragedy,
every victim needs the community's support.

Mexico's Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE) also issued a press
release calling into question the way the U.S. authorities acted and
deploring the arrest and swift enforcement of deportation procedures
by the government, and warned of its potential effects on Arellano's
human rights, since she was forced to separate from her U.S.-born
underage son, which is against the family reunification principles
laid down in the U.S. law itself, Prensa Latina pointed out.

The SRE admonishes the American government for its disregard of the
petition by the Mexican General Consulate in Los Angeles to meet with
its citizen and offer her consular assistance and protection in line
with the Vienna Convention.

PL underscores that the United States is home to four million
children born to an illegal mother or father, many of whom are left
behind and without parental protection as a result of governmental


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