[Marxism] Australian high school students to protest Bush & APEC

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Tue Aug 21 20:19:42 MDT 2007

Great YouTube vid for September 5 student strike against Bush's policies 
on global warming and the war in Iraq


Please pass on far and wide


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Students: Della Bosca's memo will only get more to protest

Students organising the Walkout Against George Bush on September 5 are 
outraged at NSW Education Minister John Della Bosca's memo to school 
principals instructing them to take disciplinary action against students 
who protest Bush's arrival.

"It is hypocritical that the NSW government has called a public holiday 
for APEC, at the same time as criticising us for orgainsing the 
walkout.  All students want to do is peacefully express their opposition 
to Bush by using their democratic right to protest.  I ask John Della 
Bosca, what is so 'wrong' or 'dangerous' about that?" Amber Pike student 
strike organiser said.

"Young people will not be silenced - the NSW Government's attempt to 
intimidate students will backfire. It will only get more students to 
walkout. Protesting to end the war on Iraq and for sustainable solutions 
to climate change is the only way to guarantee that there is a future. 
The Education Department should be supporting students to make this 
statement." Pike stated.

"This is an attempt by the Education Minister to deny the students the 
right to express a political opinion and to make an informed decision to 
protest. If high school students are old enough to work, old enough to 
pay tax they should have the right to protest" Simon Cunich, student 
walkout orgainser and Resistance, socialist youth organisation member said.

"It is the police, not students, that are preparing for a confrontation. 
If the NSW government is so concerned about safety why have they 
approved the $600,000 foir a dangerous water cannon? We are armed with 
nothing but a peaceful message - to end the war in Iraq." said Cunich.

Students concerned about their schools taking disciplinary action 
against walkout participants they are encouraged to download a 
permission slip from  www.walkout2stopbush.org.au 
<http://www.walkout2stopbush.org.au/>. The website will also soon have a 
'know your rights at high school' section.

Students are organising on a number of high schools and universities in 
the lead up to APEC. Students will be handing out leaflets and 'Stop 
Bags' outside high schools every day until the walkout.

George Bush
September 5, 1pm Belmore Park.
www.walkout2stopbush.org.au <http://www.walkout2stopbush.org.au/>

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