[Marxism] Caracas discusses Leon Trotsky

Philip Stein ggps at accesshub.net
Tue Aug 21 21:13:50 MDT 2007

Walter Lippmann wrote:
I¹d guess this is the only place in the world today where Trotsky and his
ideas are being discussed before a national television audience. And, using
the internet, an international audience.

Not that this is a good thing for the revolution. Since I have only the
highest respect for the Marxists on this list it saddens me that such a
discredited figure as Trotsky (egotist, madman,ultra-left etc.) There are
those who don¹t pay attention to the historical facts of his life. A few
brief examples:

Trotsky¹s role as a  counterrevolutionary is evident when we study how he
did all in his power to sabotage Lenin¹s and Stalin¹s efforts of creating
socialism in one country. If he had succeeded in his conspiracy no Soviet
Union would have existed and Hitler¹s genocidal brutes would have been let
loose to massacre the human race.

>From his headquarters of the 4th International in Coyoacan Mexico, he
directed his followers of POUM fighting in Barcelona as a
counterrevolutionary force to sabotage the communists fighting as allies of
the Spanish Republican army.

He earlier worked tirelessly against the efforts of Lenin to organize the

And now we witness a certain immaturity of Trotskyites desperately trying to
get a foot in the door of Cuba. If they succeed here their influences would
only be disruptive. This too applies to Venezuela. Hugo Chavez displays
himself as naïve if he lets Trotskyites dazzle him with a sprinkle of

 I would add a word about Celia Hart¹s attempt to superimpose Trotsky on Che
and superimpose Che on Trotsky. A very contrived case of wishful thinking.
To this I would also say that perhaps Che¹s initial lack of understanding of
the reality of the world of his adventure led to such a tragic end.

In solidarity, 
Philip Stein     

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