[Marxism] More Anti-Fidel Crap From Sam Farber

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Wed Aug 22 09:29:46 MDT 2007

The following appeared in the latest edition of the  International Socialist 
Review, a bi-monthly magazine produced and distributed  by the UK SWP. 
Fidel Castro's political testament 
Fidel Castro: Biografía a Dos Voces
Ignacio  Ramonet
Random House Mondadori • 2006 • 655 pages  
THIS IS a book-long interview, the outcome of conversations that Ignacio  
Ramonet, the Spanish-born editor of the Parisian Le Monde Diplomatique, had with  
Fidel Castro from January 2003 to December 2005. A short time after the book  
came out, Castro stepped aside as head of state on July 31, 2006, due to a  
serious illness, the nature of which was declared a state secret. His younger  
brother Raúl, officially designated as his successor since the early days of 
the  1959 Revolution, replaced him “for the time being.”1 The timing of Castro’
s illness and the release of  Ramonet’s book led the Cuban government’s 
media to make a lot more out of this  publishing event than might have otherwise 
been the case. Significantly, the  ample coverage and serialization of Ramonet’
s interview was accompanied by the  Cuban media’s serialization of the 
Secretos de Generales,2 containing the biographies of forty-one top Cuban  generals, 
which had already appeared and been serialized ten years earlier. The  
official media, while glorifying Fidel, were simultaneously building up the  image of 
the top army brass. 
contd: _http://www.isreview.org/issues/54/castro.shtml_ 


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