[Marxism] The criticism of religion [was: RE: Vnzla: reasons to beoptimistic]

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Aug 22 19:35:34 MDT 2007

Maybe this is just my sunny disposition.  :-)

I think we may see some real crises and opening, possibly sooner than we
think.  The Chief Idiot was whipping up the professional Veterans lobby
today, waxing nostalgic about how Uncle Sam failed to save the world by
pulling out of Vietnam.  The government is only talking to the 30% that will
believe anything it says.

Public sentiment is very out of kilter with the political process.

However, I agree that "we"--this list, Marxists, the Left generally--won't
make any gains.  But, the way I'd prefer to formulate the process, we never
do.  The masses make gains and we organize as best we can to consolidate
those gains.


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