[Marxism] Revolutionary Opposition in Ireland

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Thu Aug 23 15:04:12 MDT 2007

A chomradaithe,
Philip posts a link to the eirigi website which he appears to have only just noticed in the past few months.
I should note that I posted a link immediately after the group established itself and organised a website. 
I was very close to its core leadership people for months before they left. I argued at the time and I continue to believe that their leaving was a mistake - moreover, it weakened the left within Sinn Fein which is where the mass are at right now. All the same I wish them well and hope to work well alongside them.
I see great similarities to the strategic problems posed before Irish Republicans at this time and those facing the Congress party of India in the 1930s. The British have a clear counterstrategy with numerous elements - very many of which are similar to what face us today.
Unfortunately, some cannot maintain unity for the purposes of advancing the more immediate strategic goals as they see this as a fundamental compromise. On the other hand, there are risks of continuing to struggle within the territory the enemy provides and negotiates. There are no easy answers to the questions of revolutionary strategy.
In the end it comes down to the specificities of the situation. Do the material bases for various options for struggle exist. If not, then where do we go? The leading members of eirigi have concluded one approach, others have concluded alternatively. Let us see who is correct.
Le meas,
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