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I am writing here in defense of "IN DEFENSE OF MARXISM", which has done an
outstanding job publicizing the works of Celia Hart on the international
political arena. Any discussion of their work must begin in this context.

Here is the section of their website on Cuba:

Their edition of her work, APUNTES REVOLUCIONARIOS, was made available
in Cuba in an edition completely affordable to Cubans, and of course it
was subsidized by them. Their edition is comprehensive, professionally
printed, and features an informative introduction by the principal
leader of their tendency, Alan Woods. This is all to the credit of
this tendency. Others would emulate their example in bringing Celia's 
ideas to the international public in book form. A fine job.

Beyond that, the ENTIRE BOOK can be downloaded TOTALLY FREE to anyone 
in the world: http://www.engels.org/pdf/apuntes.pdf (268 pages)

SOCIALIST RESISTANCE of the UK has also produced an attractive and very
professional edition of Celia's writings, which anyone can purchase via
Amazon.com. It is the only book in print at this time of Celia's work
in the English language. I time I hope Socialist Resistance will print
an even larger selection. in the future. I know they plan to do that.

Buy it: easily for a mere $10.00 plus shipping. 
I got mine in just one week:


Celia Hart has done more to raise the profile of Leon Trotsky's ideas
than anyone else on the island of Cuba. She has helped promote his
ideas internationally, given interviews with journalists and papers
from a wide range of viewpoints and on many continents. Celia isn't
part of any one tendency within Trotskyism, but is friendly toward
all who support the Cuban Revolution.

Here's a recent interview with Celia in which she reflects on her
own political position. Everyone following Celia's writings needs
to be aware of how she describes her point of view, and I'd like
to draw your attention to this point in particular:

by Celia Hart (excerpt)
I maintain that it was Che who "won me over", as you 
guys like to say here, to Trotskyism... or rather to
"Trotskyness"... which in no way implies being a member of
any of today's parties. You, for instance, come from 
Ted Grant, as others do from Moreno, Posadas, Pablo, Mandel,
Lambert, etc. I come then from Che Guevara's "stock".
That's right, so they can keep criticizing me: 
I "Trotsky-ize" Che as much as I "Guevar-ize" Trotsky. 
It's not the case, but I could say the same about Rosa,
Mariátegui, Gramsci, etc., whom our wicked enemies try to
divide us while we convert ourselves into tight sects.

"How can one not be a Trotskyist in the Cuban Revolution!"
“¡Cómo puede uno no ser trotskista dentro de la Revolución Cubana!” 
By David Rey - El Militante Argentina    Friday, 06 July 2007 
ENGLISH: http://www.walterlippmann.com/ch-07-06-2007.html 
ENGLISH: http://www.marxist.com/celia-hart-trotskyist-cuban-revolution060807.htm 
SPANISH: http://www.marxist.com/entrevista-celia-hart-revolucion-cubana.htm    

Many more of her writings can be located on this page, 
which I try to keep up as fast as links become available:

Just as the Cuban Revolution was the acid test for revolutionaries in the
1960s, as Joseph Hansen so eloquently put it, so today the Bolivarian 
revolution in Venezuela is an acid test as well. It is being discussed and
debated all over the world. Celia Hart is an active participant in these
debates, as you would expect of a Cuban revolutionary. The imperialists
know quite well which side THEY are on in the Venezuelan crucible, but
not all who call themselves Marxists or Trotskyists are as clear.

My biggest regret today is that Pathfinder Publishers, which is still
the biggest publisher of Trotsky's writings in English, hasn't joined
in the effort of promoting Celia's writings in book form. Considering
the substantial resources available to them, they could make a terrific
contribution were they to take up this. I hope they will consider it.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

CUBA, THE ACID TEST; A Reply to the Ultraleft Sectarians (1962)
by Joseph Hansen

One of the great polemics in the history of the Trotskyist movement,
responding to sectarians who claimed that a socialist revolution had
not taken place in Cuba because its revolution wasn't lead by a
Trotskyist party. Very long but invaluable reading. Many of Hansen's
writings during the first decades of Cuba's revolution are collected
in the book Dynamics of the Cuban Revolution, a very useful
collection published in 1978. 

(Thanks to Andy Pollack!) or

in two-column Word format.


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