[Marxism] Theory of Violence

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Hi Erik,

I searched the Marx-Engels Internet Archive and these are the first two references of many:

`I hunted through Clausewitz, more or less, when doing
Blücher. The fellow possesses a common sense bordering on
the ingenious.'

Marx Letter to Engels Jan 1858.

`I am reading, inter alia, Clausewitz’s Vom Kriege. An odd 
way of philosophising, but per se very good. On the
question as to whether one should speak of the art or the
science of war, he says that, more than anything else, war
resembles commerce. Combat is to war what cash payment is
to commerce; however seldom it need happen in reality,
everything is directed towards it and ultimately it is
bound to occur and proves decisive.'

Engels to Marx 1858.

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