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>Here's an example from China, no matter
>how you perceive its social system, that shows how a
>centralizes and still more or less planned economy can
>respond to poverty and need.

Lee makes an interesting point and one which I have been thinking
about at length. I was in China this summer visiting public high
schools and speaking with their teachers and administrators. I was
astounded by the level of state funding which is pouring into the
schools as part of a conscious planning policy stressing education
at every level. I visited both a prosperous city on the coast,
Hangzhou, and a primarily agriculture region, Guangxi, with a large
percentage of minority nationalities. By contrast, I work in Ann
Arbor whose school district is hemorrhaging millions of dollars
reflected in year after year of drastic cutbacks. I invited the
administrators and teachers to send a delegation to visit our
school but I am afraid they will be dismayed at the crumbling
building I teach in where even basic maintenance is routinely
deferred because of budget constraints. For whatever else is going
on in China there is clear evidence of rational planning serving
the people as regards their educational system.
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