[Marxism] Non-Eurocentric military histories?

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 19:53:19 MDT 2007

There are a couple of threads dealing with war and
related topics at the moment. That makes it seem like
a good time to ask: does anyone know of any decent
military history writing that isn't Eurocentric?

I've been reading recently about how China reached its
greatest territorial extent in the 18th Century with
the completion of their conquest of Mongolia and
Tibet, as well as their expeditions to Burma and
Nepal. They had also slapped the Russians around in
the late 17th Century.

Meanwhile, Persian and Afghan rulers were mounting
massive invasions of India that overshadowed the
comparatively minor incursions of the British and

This kind of thing tends to get ignored in accounts of
the inevitable European conquest of the world, and the
glories of their technological superiority.

I want to know more about it. Does anyone have any
decent sources?

Yes, I'll get into broader histories later. I just
find the version of history that has explosions the
easiest to get into. I'm a geek, not a historian...

Alan B

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