[Marxism] The criticism of religion [was: RE: Vnzla:reasons tobe optimistic]

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Joaquin seems to be arguing that when it comes to progress, part of a loaf is worse than no loaf--if the progress comes as a result of voluntarist reformism that substitutes for revolution-making and gives the surface appearance of improvement while actually strengthening the capitalist system--and that such reformistism also weakens  revolution-making by providing an illusory alternative to it. Hence, Joaquin appears to be arguing that voluntarist reformism is doubly bad by strengthening capitalism and weakening revolution-making--a feel-good activity that is worth less than doing nothing at all. Hmmm. 

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From: "Joaquin Bustelo" <br>> My point is really not complicated. Struggling<br>> hard is useless or worse if you have no clue as<br>> to what you are doing. <br>...<br>> Now look at, for example, the last half-century<br>> of so of "struggling" on the American Left, and<br>> judging by the results, do you have a warm and<br>> fuzzy feeling about all the progress that has<br>> been made?<br><br>So, the US Left shouldn't have bothered? Would the<br>world have been a better place if they hadn't? Or were<br>they *completely and utterly* ineffectual? Did they do<br>nothing that justified their existence?<br><br>You would be making a pretty hardline argument if you<br>answered "yes" to any of those questions.<br><br>Of course the US Left hasn't made much progress in<br>that time, and that isn't satisfactory. But you seem<br>to be going beyond that...<br><br>Alan Bradley<br><br><br>       
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