[Marxism] A proposal for a New Party

james dwyer jimthecelt at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 26 14:23:24 MDT 2007

  I received, through Marxmail, your proposal to start a new socialist party.  That interests me!  But, there are already several socialist parties of one version or another.  This tendency to sectarianism has been the curse of the American Left for a century.  What is the advantage of forming yet another party?  Why not encourage workers to unite behind one of the existing ones that is not hung-up on some arcane points of ideology?  Jim Dwyer

Jerry Wells <jeremy at infowells.com> wrote:
The “New Party” proposal previously is not a proposal to create a new
“third” party. Nor is it a call to recruit the masses to any existing
socialist or green party. All existing “socialist” parties are
identified by their long history, complex ideology, and are focused on
matters that are basically incomprehensible and irrelevant to American
working people today.

The concern of most working people today is on the problems of personal
survival. These “personal” problems have become multiple social and
political crises.

Many hundreds of “single issue” groups , involving millions of
individuals, are now actively trying to address these multiple crisis.

The Iraq war, global warming, lack of health insurance, lack of “living
wage” jobs, affordable housing, credit card debt, sustainable energy
concerns, prison reform, etc. …single issues groups have involved
millions of people.

The “new party” proposal seeks to create an “umbrella” organization, a
socialist political party, to unite these efforts. Political campaigns
would be organized at federal, state, and local government to take power
and implement the platform of the new party.

The “new party” is identified socialist because the common thread that
unites these crisis is the realization that they are ultimately caused
by the corporate capitalist economics and regime now in power.

The Democratic party is fully a partner in maintaining the system of
corporate domination. Cindy Sheehan is one individual who has realized
this and left the Democratic Party.

There would hopefully be a call to have a founding convention of the
“new party”, with representatives of the many organizations and actvist
individuals, to end the rule of corporate capitalism, that is
facilitated by the Democratic/Republican bi-partisan dictatorship.

At the founding convention a name for the “new party” can be
democratically decided.

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