[Marxism] Bush Invokes Vietnam

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Aug 26 16:28:01 MDT 2007

Unfortunately, the American "lunatic fringe" has been hovering at around
20-25% for decades.  At any given point during the Cold War, you'd get
around 20% ready to nuke the USSR and get it over with.  You had 18% by a
CNN poll in 1991 saying that Dan Quayle was the most qualified man in
America to be Bush Daddy's successor, the primary reason being that they
regarded him as a Born-Again Idiot like they were....

Bushette will never lose support from that quarter....

There's another layer represented by military careerists (of all ranks),
government functionaries, miscellaneous issue-specific authoritatians and
those nitwits who always believe when the U.S. is waging war that it must be
against the Nazis...or George III...or Osama bin Laden...somebody really,
really mean....  They with their families probably add another 10% to make
Lil' Bush's approval rating....

What amazes me is that the president's contented himself to appealing to
this quarter.


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