[Marxism] The criticism ofreligion[was:RE:Vnzla:reasonstobeoptimistic]

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 08:31:27 MDT 2007

Marvin writes: "Mostly, as the survey confirms, the rejection of politics
and politicians is a backward impulse which goes nowhere in relatively
stable times and to the right in turbulent ones."

I don't think Pew's survey tell us much of anything. The most fundamental
visible fissure in U.S. society is the color line, race. Trying to abstract
from race, and lump people together on the basis of their ostensible views
on "issues" doesn't work. Blacks will vote for a Black candidate that
appears to agree with them less than for a white candidate that might try to
project him/herself as having identical views to some layer of the Black
community. And this for very good, substantial, political reasons, namely,
that the experience of Black people with white folks in the government has
not been a happy one. 

Marvin: "For some leftists, the notion that US political absention is
largely progressive serves as ideological justification for their rejection
of an orientation to the DP ranks such as the CP and other parts of the US
left favour."

The orientation of the CP is not to the Democratic Party ranks. As a
practical matter, there is no way to implement this as an "orientation," for
the Democrats have no structures which group together its "ranks." What the
CP has is an deeply-entrenched opportunist political line that calls for
tailoring and subordinating social movements to the electoralist
requirements of the Democrats.

Hence the current UfPJ campaign supported by the CP folks in that coalition,
to target some 60 members of Congress for protests -- every last one of them
Republicans. This is just "negative campaigning" in preparation for the 2008


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