[Marxism] Praful Bidwai on Indo-US Nuk Deal

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 09:26:51 MDT 2007

    Grave  Crisis Over India-US 
  Nuclear Deal
      By Praful Bidwai
      27   August, 2007
  The News
      The confrontation between the United Progressive  Alliance and the Left over the India-United States nuclear deal has ballooned  into a major crisis, which could potentially dislodge the government. The roots  of the crisis lie in the way the "123 agreement" was negotiated,  without political leaders being taken into confidence about its context or  content, or involved in resolving differences over its text.
      Opposition to the deal, whether genuine,  procedural or contrived, is widespread. But it's only when the Left presented  its critique on August 7 that matters came to a head. This was the first  well-informed and -reasoned critical analysis of the deal after the  "123" text was made public.
    The article very clearly brings the stand of the Indian Left on the Nuk issue.
  Vijaya Kumar Marla
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