[Marxism] The criticismofreligion[was:RE:Vnzla:reasonstobeoptimistic]

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 27 13:04:26 MDT 2007

Carrol wrote:

> I merely don't have anything to do with elections because my
> interests lie elsewhere...I argue in various forums that the attempt to
> radicalize the DP will never lead anywhere, as it has not led anywhere
> since the CP launched the effort in 1936. But that's not a policy,
> because I don't belong to an organized force that can have a policy.
> That's my chugging away in my corner pending the day when (mostly
> external) events will open up the way for a formation (or formations: I
> think there can be a multi-party revolutionary left) to emerge that can
> have a policy -- either of abstention or collaboration. I don't think
> this envisaged formation would choose collaboration -- but that is for
> the future to decide.
NOTHING has led anywhere - inside or outside of the DP - and not for want of
thinking about and debating the issue over generations on the left. I don't
think it matters much at this stage in which "corner" you and others spend
time "chugging away...pending the day". I agree it will be "mostly external"
events which will settle the issue of whether a new political formation
emerges, and what it will look like. I expect most leftists would  be pulled
towards where that is happening - whether it primarily unfolds within or
outside of the DP - regardless of their current preconceptions. I've never
said differently, and there's no reason, in a period like the present when
there are no significant political stakes involved, to get too wrought up
about perceived disagreements.

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