[Marxism] The criticism ofreligion[was:RE:Vnzla:reasonstobeoptimistic]

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Aug 27 16:29:03 MDT 2007

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Of course they can be leftists. I consider the CPUSA and CofC to be left
> parties even though they are deeply embedded in the DP. The question for
> me, however, is the class character of the DP and its strategic value
> for socialists. On these questions, I say it is a ruling class party and
> quicksand for radicals.

While I agree with Lou on both CP & CofC, the organizations, I partly
disagree in that I think many members of those organizations have,
implicitly and sometimes explicitly, better politics (or potentially
better politics) than the organizations as organizations follow. Their
embeddedness in the DP, combined with their domination of the UfPJ,
makes a material difference in the run-up to elections (particularly
presidential elections), but otherwise it is possible to work with them.

The activities that count, currently, are the anti-war movement and
various "social movements," varying from locality to locality. They
count because within them there is a mixture of marxists & other
radicals with people who are just entering into political activity.

We can't form a party now (and I think even trying to is a destructive
activity), but local ferment and the  more or less stable alliances
(local, regional, & sometimes national) that emerge from it are the
"broth" out of which a new revolutionary party can/will emerge. Mark's
last post, with its comment on the various activities of the '60s, makes
this point nicely.

We are not in a revolutionary  situation nor does one seem imminent. And
it is only in a revolutionary situation that the difference between
liberals and revolutionaries becomes of great importance.


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