[Marxism] Support for DP etc [Was The criticism of religion]

John Edmundson Johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz
Tue Aug 28 05:25:40 MDT 2007

Marvin Gandall wrote:
> While US white workers are infected by the racism and chauvinism 
> endemic to an imperialist power, I don't hold them responsible as you
> do for the historical crimes committed by the leaders in both parties.

Obviously the workers who vote for these parties, whether because they
were exhorted to by the far left parties or for any other reason, are
not responsible for the things these parties do in power. That isn't why
they shouldn't be urged to support them. They shouldn't be urged to
support them because they offer them nothing. Lenin argued that support
for the British Labour Party be on the same basis that a rope supports a
hanging man, but that was in 1921. The LP, and even more so, the DP, has
been hanging so long now that there's nothing left on the corpse. The
exhortations by left parties in NZ to support the LP - the party that
oversaw the implementation of new right reforms here - are truly
pathetic. In the 21st Century, it strikes me as far more sensible to put
effort into exposing these parties for what they are and opposing them
whenever possible.

> [I]t's clear the world's oppressed peoples and their leaders saw the 
> victory of the DP in the last congressional elections as a positive 
> development I don't expect the Cubans, Iranians, and others have any
> illusions that a Democratic admininstration would act otherwise than 
> to try to advance US imperialist interests, but they also appear to 
> believe that they would have more of an opportunity within this 
> framework...I think that's a correct assessment.

I doubt that Slobodan Milosovich saw it that way as Clinton bombed
Yugoslavia back into the US orbit.
John Edmundson

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