[Marxism] Thecriticismofreligion[was:RE:Vnzla:reasonstobeoptimistic]

Owen Davies owen.daviies37 at ntlworld.com
Tue Aug 28 10:39:10 MDT 2007

Quick reply, Mark.

> The Democratic Party is a party not a popular front.  You might, indeed,
> find it "helpful" to call it one because you believe it "permissible to
> enter popular fronts, fight for a socialist programme," etc., etc., etc.
As a party though it does seem quite loose.  More of a loose alliance which 
in the past has probably been a strength but could prove to be an Achilles 
Heel in the future.

> But, of course, you could say the same thing about the Republican Party or
> the Catholic Church or the Norwood Chess Club.  Actually, you can say it
> about anything.  And, certainly anyone is welcome to believe that pixies
> dance in his garden, if he wants, but, as far as analysis goes, it "helps"
> about as much as a hit of acid at a Papal visitation.

Perhaps you could say it about those other institutions but I wouldn't.  A 
lot of organised workers support it, minorities, environmentalists etc.  The 
kind of people socialist would want on their side.

> Please TRY to follow this....
> You can't influence the Democratic Party by giving it more money than the
> bourgeoisie.  Less so now than at any point in its history.  If anyone's
> going to get up and fight for a socialist program in the DP, please set up 
> a
> webcam first and let the rest of know.  And you can no more influence the 
> DP
> by voting for it than you can make an auto company produce a better 
> product
> next year by buying whatever they're selling now.
> In short, you can't really influence it in the way you're discussing.  It
> ain't yours and you're not allowed to touch the important bits.
Well, I didn't say the purpose was to influence it.  I said the purpose was 
to break it up.  Programme first.  We must have confidence that our 
programme will gain the ear of the vanguard of the working class.


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