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NY Post, Aug. 29, 2007

August 29, 2007 -- Trouble took a $12 million bite out of Leona 
Helmsley's will.

While the Queen of Mean left a kennel full of cash for the 
plenty-pampered female pooch, she also left potentially billions of 
dollars to charity, court papers show.

The will leaves a total of $50 million in bequests to Trouble the dog 
and three family members, and instructs that the remainder of her 
personal fortune - which Westchester Surrogate's Court documents 
estimate to be valued at between $4 billion and $8 billion - to the 
Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Helmsley didn't completely turn over a new leaf in her later years, 
however - two of the family members to whom she left bequests were left 
less than Trouble, and she pointedly excluded two of her grandkids, 
Craig and Meegan Panzirer, "for reasons which are known to them," the 
filing says.

None of her 12 great-grandchildren is mentioned at all.

The only nonfamily member to whom Helmsley left cash was her chauffeur, 
Nicholas Celea of Woodside, Queens. She left him $100,000 if he 
"survives me and at the time of my death is employed by me or any 
Helmsley entity."

The 87-year-old Helmsley - whose love of the finer things in life was 
legendary - also left $3 million to en sure a first-class afterlife with 
her late husband, Harry.

"I acknowledge in this will, as I often did during my life, my love, 
affection and admiration for my late husband, Harry B. Helmsley. I 
direct that I be interred wearing my gold wedding band (which is never 
to be removed from my finger) and my remains be interred next to my 
beloved husband . . . and next to my beloved son, Jay Panzirer, at the 
Helmsley Mausoleum," the document says. That tomb is in Sleepy Hollow 
Cemetery in Westchester.

"I also direct that anything bearing the Helmsley name must be 
maintained in 'mint' condition and in the manner that it has been 
accustomed to, maintaining the outstanding Helmsley reputation."



NY Times, August 29, 2007
Census Shows a Modest Rise in U.S. Income

The nation’s median household income grew modestly in 2006, the Census 
Bureau reported yesterday, even as the percentage of people without 
health insurance hit a high.

Experts said the rise in income was mainly a reflection of an increase 
in the number of family members entering the workplace or working longer 
hours. Average wages for men and women actually declined for the third 
consecutive year.

“There’s lots of evidence that more people are working,” said Jared 
Bernstein, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, a 
liberal policy group in Washington. “The important theme going on here 
is a labor market that’s definitely offering people more work and more 
hours, but at lower wages.”

The slight improvements in household income and a drop in the poverty 
rate came during a period of job growth, particularly toward the end of 
2006, and declining inflation as a result of falling oil prices. But in 
2007, the economy has begun weakening because of the national housing 
slump, and inflation has jumped. The average wage peaked at $17.52 an 
hour in February and has since fallen, according to Labor Department data.

Some Republicans seized on the new data as evidence that Bush 
administration policies had been good for people’s pocketbooks. In a 
statement, President Bush said the news was a sign that Congress should 
not raise taxes. The data, he said, confirmed “that more of our citizens 
are doing better in this economy, with continued rising incomes and more 
Americans pulling themselves out of poverty.”

But others saw a mixed picture, with household incomes still below their 
peak before the last recession in 2001.

“Too many low- and middle-income families are not sharing in the gains,” 
said Robert Greenstein, executive director of the Center on Budget and 
Policy Priorities, another liberal research group. “These figures are 
inconsistent with claims that the policies of recent years have produced 
an outstanding economic track record.”

full: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/29/us/29census.html

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