[Marxism] New York: the new Rio

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Wed Aug 29 13:42:04 MDT 2007

These stats are hardly surprising given the conscious policy decisions made
not only at the Federal level but also here in NYC. Deindustrialization has
meant the hemorrhaging of working class jobs that used to provide a decent
life for so many New Yorkers, and their replacement by low-paying work in
the service sector sans benefits like health care coverage. The loss of
existing affordable housing and the failure to build sufficient new
non-luxury housing also feeds the grotesque disparities here. Huge and
exorbitantly expensive condo towers for millionaires are popping up
everywhere in Manhattan, even in areas that had been working class
communities. This "development" is at its worst in Manhattan, but it's
happening in Queens and Brooklyn as well. We all rightly denounced Rudy
Giuliani when he said that poor people should live somewhere else besides
NYC. But under Bloomberg, the yuppification of the city has gone even
further, yet this guy gets a free ride in the media, even from muckraking
liberals like the Village Voice's Wayne Barrett. I applaud Barrett for his
relentless exposure of Rudy's scumminess. But Bloomberg in some ways is
even worse, and Barrett basically lets him off the hook, except to
wrist-slap him a bit over his and Ray Kelly's turning the city into a
police state during the GOP convention in 2004. 

And to relate this to the ongoing discussion about the Democratic Party, I
haven't yet heard one of our Dem hopefuls say anything critical about this
state of affairs. City Council president Christine Quinn's a classic
example of how a progressive gets corrupted by a corrupt system. These days
she's Bloomberg's buddy, and you don't hear anything critical from her
about his economic policies. But none of the other potential Democartic
candidates is any better. 

George De Stefano
Queens, NY

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