[Marxism] U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Wed Aug 29 18:53:28 MDT 2007

Joaquin Bustelo:

> Britain (specifically, England and Wales), which is perhaps somewhat less
> pathological than the U.S. had a somewhat lower non-gun homicide rate of
> 1.30, about two-thirds of the American non-gun rate. If there were the same
> ratio of gun homicides to non-gun homicides as in the U.S., we would expect
> a gun homicide rate of about 2.5, for an overall homicide rate of 3.8 or
> Thereabouts ... Instead, Britain and Wales had a gun homicide rate of 0.11,
> less than
> one-thirtieth of the American rate, leading to a much lower overall homicide
> rate of 1.41, about one fourth of that in the United States.

But what about Canada? One thing that's struck me about this issue recently
is that in some recent, generally favourable reviews in Australia of Michael
Moore¹s Sicko have said things like "Moore shows Canada's more socialised
health system is more effective just as he favoured Canada's stricter gun
controls in Bowling for Columbine". These reviewers evidently didn't watch
the earlier movie or have let liberal assumptions cloud their memory. One of
the most effective things about Columbine is that it documented Moore's own
changing views on the issue. He assumed Canada had stricter laws and lower
ownership rates (if *I* recall correctly) - going there and looking up the
facts he found Canadians were just as gun crazy, but blasted far fewer
people (the little furry critters might see it differently). This led him to
discuss how the specific path of development of US capitalism and
imperialism has led to a particular kind of social pathology.

I'm not saying we should oppose gun control measures. "The right to bear
arms" should be about a democratic militia with the hardware under
responsible collective control, not the right of individuals to assault
weapons. We tried to raise the arguments this way after the 1996 Tasmanian
massacre. But the US-Canada comparison suggests it's much more about social
pathology than gun ownership per se.

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