[Marxism] U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 19:40:42 MDT 2007

Nick writes: "the US-Canada comparison suggests it's much more about social
pathology than gun ownership per se."

Agreed, but:

First, GIVEN that the United States is a sociopathic country, why should we
be for individuals in SUCH a country having guns? Perhaps it can be argued
that in some idyllic, pastoral land there really isn't much point in banning
guns as people don't go around shooting other people anyways, but what has
that got to do with the USA? The argument that, everyone in Switzerland (or
Finland, or wherever) has guns and THEY don't go around shooting each other
therefore there is no point to banning guns HERE, where they DO shoot
others, is a complete non-sequitur. Sure, there may be no point in banning
guns in such places, but in places where people most decidedly DO flip out
and go around shooting each other ALL THE TIME, it is an entirely different

Second, the "I hear people speaking Spanish, better get me a gun"
consciousness of Americans that I pointed to in the previous post is PART of
the social pathology that needs to be fought. And especially among men, even
though my example concerned a couple of women in that specific case.
Proposals to, for example, ban all handguns bring to consciousness and
challenge an important aspect of "Americanism," the ideology/mythology of
"rugged individualism" and "self defense" against "savages" (i.e.,
racialized genocidal violence). It is FALSE to counterpose the fetishistic
adoration of guns to the social pathology of Americanism, saying we have to
deal with the social pathology, not the guns. THE GUN FETISH IS PART OF THE

But EVEN IF a British-style prohibition did not in any way, shape or form in
the slightest undermine, undercut, or challenge the pathology, it would
STILL be worth doing, because it would mean a lot of assaults would be with
less-lethal weapons (like knives or various objects used as clubs) rather
than guns, and a lot of people wouldn't be killed or would have less-serious
trauma than currently is the case.


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