[Marxism] The criticism of religion [was: RE: Vnzla:reasonstobeoptimistic]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 29 20:33:19 MDT 2007

Haines Brown wrote:
> I don't think you quite got my point. To put it simply, why isn't the
> Green party as much a capitalist party as the Democrats? 

If Goldman-Sachs started delivering cash payments to the Greens in 
wheelbarrows the way it does to the Democrats, I'd begin to call it a 
capitalist party--but not until then.

> Do I understand you correctly that a single-payer health plan is
> hostile to capitalism? 

I have no idea what kind of demand is "hostile to capitalism" unless it 
is something like "nationalize the Fortune 500". But short of such 
"maximalist" demands, there is nothing that is specifically "hostile to 
capitalism"--including "Peace, Bread, Land".
> New Deal safety nets? Roosevelt was a capitalist, obviously, and his
> aim was to restore health to capitalism, obviously. He tried to do
> that with safety nets, or with a WPA, or with Social Security,
> etc. That Democrats these are dismantling New Deal legislation does
> not make them any more or less capitalist than those who wish to
> preserve those gains.

No, but it does make them even less attractive as an option for working 
people. Going from LBJ to Bill Clinton is like going from the frying pan 
into the fire. I myself prefer a nice, cool glass of water.

> I don't see how the question that came up can be addressed at all
> without an understanding of the capitalist system, including its
> strengths and liabilities.

I think that Eugene V. Debs understood the capitalist system pretty well.

"To turn your back on the corrupt Republican Party and the still more 
corrupt Democratic Party—the gold-dust lackeys of the ruling class 
counts for still more after you have stepped out of those popular and 
corrupt capitalist parties to join a minority party that has an ideal, 
that stands for a principle, and fights for a cause. This will be the 
most important change you have ever made and the time will come when you 
will thank me for having made the suggestion. It was the day of days for 
me. I remember it well. It was like passing from midnight darkness to 
the noontide light of day. It came almost like a flash and found me 
ready. It must have been in such a flash that great, seething, throbbing 
Russia, prepared by centuries of slavery and tears and martyrdom, was 
transformed from a dark continent to a land of living light."

full: http://www.marxists.org/archive/debs/works/1918/canton.htm

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