[Marxism] Dodd way ahead of competition in Cuba stance

Margaret Wyles kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Thu Aug 30 07:06:29 MDT 2007

> Hearing this, Clinton quickly dug in her heels.
> "Until it is clear what type of policies might come with a new
> government (in Cuba), we cannot talk about changes in the U.S.
> policies toward Cuba,'' she said in a statement.

> Meanwhile, Clinton's position would leave in place an inhumane policy
> that limits Cuban Americans to one visit to Cuba every three years,
> and then only to see an immediate family member.
> Both positions suggest these candidates have little real
> understanding of Cuba.

While I have little to support this, my hunch about Hillary is this.  There 
would be no point from her view to make a stand in favor of opening ties to 
Cuba and lots to lose if the gusanos decided to target her as being "soft" 
on Cuba.  I had heard that Bill Clinton had given informal directives NOT to 
harass people going to Cuba, so while there was a ban on travel, there was 
little or no consequence for doing so, even for those without a special 
travel visa.

My guess is that Hillary is paying lip service to the anti-Castro group, 
and, once in office will do the same as her husband.

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