[Marxism] Shanghai Cooperation Organization as Contention Factor

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 30 12:00:51 MDT 2007

(The deepening international realignment is causing a certain amount 
of panic among those who think Washington should rule the world.

August 30, 2007

Shanghai Cooperation Organization as Contention Factor


Although Washington sends out alarm signals over the Shanghai
Cooperation Organization (SCO) gaining in strength and cohesion, the
intergovernmental grouping founded in 2001 is not merely a military
block. Nonetheless, the fact that Chinese and Russian troops have
carried out joint anti-terrorist maneuvers witnessed by observers
from other countries, demonstrates its strength. 	


The political coordination of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan,
Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and other nations with observer status such
as India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan and even Afghanistan is based on
the search for consensus regarding regional and international issues.
This includes economic and trade cooperation to strengthen a zone
graced with plentiful mineral and agricultural resources.

The SCO serves as a shield against the penetration of external
influences, such as the United States, which attempts to establish
military bases and isolate nations that don't share common interests.

The Russian-Chinese understanding is a boost for the SCO and it
compliments the growing economic, commercial and financial power of
China, which Russia begins to join. This will undoubtedly contribute
to strengthening the integration and political alliance and could be
the chief barricade to keep the United States from imposing its will
in the economic, financial, technological and military terrains, in
its eagerness to achieve world dominance.

Thus, the concern from Washington and its NATO allies over the
growing cohesion of the SCO, seen as a possible alternative pole to
the US plan. The White House frowns on the idea of more countries
wanting to implement an autonomous policy.

It should be recalled that back in 2005, when Iran was invited to
participate in a SCO summit, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
dug out the ghost of terrorism, which Washington has fomented with
the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to create an atmosphere favorable
for a "preventive" attack against Iran.

The consolidation of the SCO has begun to gain status and political
trust. Such was demonstrated at the summit held in August in Bishkek,
capital of Kirgizstan, where a call was made to strengthen
multilateralism, to cooperate in reforming the United Nations and to
create a nuclear weapons free zone in Central Asia.

Other important agreements coming out of that Bishkek summit were to
improve international information security, collaborate towards
normalization in Afghanistan and to establish a reliable association
on energy matters that strengthen the security and stability of the
region and the world in general. The combination might just help
contain US-NATO expansion east.

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