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> Nestor: 
> "Yes, of course. We may choose another term. But 
> what I want to mean is, roughly, that under the conditions of monopoly capital and imperialism, the ruling class splits in two and has to exert an ever increasing control and repression _ against itself_, not just against the exploited or oppressed classes. The high degree of regimentation that this implies today seems to me to be a feature of core-nation capitalism (sorry for shorthand, if someone puts it better and differently I don't worry)."
> Question:
> Do ou mean *always* two - or perhaps another way to ask is what 
> governs the split in the capitalist class? 

Monopoly capital splits the capitalists in two. That is exactly what 
monopolies are intended to do. Of course there may be more than two 
spits. But one is enough for a general question such as the one I 
proposed, with no great success up to now but for a few answers. I am 
quite puzzled at the lack of interest of cdes. in the main capitalist 
countries to broach the issue. Maybe it is not perceived as 
substantial. Maybe it is not substantial. Maybe you are all agreed on 
this and don't consider it worth saying anything. But the 
implications run deep: what I am stating is that, no matter what 
technical device is employed (direct military dictatorship by the 
State, forms of indirect dictatorship under "democratic" cloak), 
Hitler's system (or, perhaps still better, that of Mussolini) should 
be taken as the Idealtypus of every modern capitalist society today.

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