[Marxism] Venezuela: Adios to Capitalism

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Fri Aug 31 16:07:42 MDT 2007

Venezuela: Adios to Capitalism

Caracas, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) The constitutional reform project
underway in Venezuela adds the concept of commune to the "new
geometry of power" in a bid to promote participation of the
population in problem solving.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez explained the concept as a new
territorial organization based on communal power.

In his opinion the community must be the primary and indivisible core
of the State. Association with other communities constitutes a
commune that represents the social territorial center.

The new vision of power establishes the city as a primary political
unity of the national territorial organization, as part of a
municipality and formed by areas or geographic extensions called

>From the community and commune, Popular Power will develop political
and territorial community aggregations that will be controlled by law
and are forms of self-government and direct democracy.

For Chavez it is a basic pillar for true popular power within the
concept of what Gramsci called organic crisis: when something is
dying and, at the same time, something is being born and has not yet
completed birth..

He said "This proposal addresses the old capitalist oligarchic
hegemony dying and a new humanitarian, socialist system being born."

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Venezuelan Oil Basket Recovers Positions

Caracas, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan oil took a $1.49 upturn
this week compared to last, under the influence of US refining
problems, the Venezuelan Oil and Energy Ministry reported on Friday.

According to the ministry, the 42-gallon oil unit was valued at
$65.77 dollars, part of a trend reached by the crude oil brands of

The 11 main types of OPEC crude increased 94 cents to bring the oil
barrel to $68.17.

A similar situation took place on West Texas Intermediate and Brent,
with $2 and $1.72 respectively.

The Venezuelan Oil and Energy Ministry said such behavior responds to
the renewed concern about supply of refined products in the United
States due to operational problems in some US refineries.

The standard quote for Venezuelan crude oil this year has been
$58.21/barrel, above that of last year ($56.45).

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