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(Jan/Feb 2007)

The cracks and contradictions in the American empire seem to be
mounting weekly. Economic slowdown, the messes in Afghanistan and
Iraq, the third front opened in Somalia, the new nationalizations in
Venezuela are but a small list. In Canada, less dramatic but equally
telling problems have been taking the lustre off the Harper minority

The new issue of Relay explores some of the openings this poses for
the Left, as well as the continued resiliency and capacities of the
American empire. These issues are discussed in terms of the U.S.
election, the American economy, and developments in third countries,
such as Cuba, Greece, Venezuela and others.

Also taken up are some of the dilemmas and opportunities facing the
Canadian Left. A critical aspect here is the issues based by the
recent 'nation' debate. There are also new challenges for
party-building, with articles covering the recent Quebec Solidaire
conventions and a proposal on the question of party-building in
English Canada. And much more.

Table of Contents:


* A Proposal for a Discussion on Party Building
 -- Ken Kalturnyk and Karen Naylor 

* From the Food Bank to the Luggage Carousel -- Kevin Skerrett 

* It's Time to Wise Up, Fellow Workers: The IWW in Canada -- Len Wallace 

* Venezuelan Solidarity Wins New Ground in Toronto -- Suzanne Weiss 

U.S. Mid-term Elections

* The 'I Am Fed Up' Vote: A Quick Look at the Nov. 7 Elections -- Bill
Fletcher Jr. 

* The 2006 U.S. Congressional Election: Hold the Champagne -- Simon

Middle East

* Continuing Gains in the Struggle Against Israeli Apartheid -- Zac

* Far From Being the Last Arab-Israeli War -- Hassan Husseini 


* Echoes of the 1930s

 -- Sedef Arat-Koc, Aparna Sundar and Bryan Evans 

* Challenging Wal-Mart -- Herman Rosenfeld 


* Cuba: The Trials and Tribulations of Socialism -- Carlos Torres &
Carolyn Watson 

* Cuba's Revolution Marks its 50th Anniversary -- John Riddell
* The British Left and the Anti-imperialist Struggle -- Ernie Tate 
 Culture Front

* 'Neoliberalism and Canada's Ruling Class' -- Greg Albo 

* The Orientalist Technique and the Western Media -- Nishant Upadhyay 

* Pinochet is Gone but Neoliberalism Remains -- Carlos Torres 
* Epitaph to the death of Death -- Carlos Torres
* Is the Big Ship America Sinking? Contradictions and Openings -- Sam
* Greek Democracy in the Post-Euro Era -- Michalis Spourdalakis 


* Canada, Quebec and the Left: Outflanked Again? -- Nathan Rao 

* Quebec Solidaire Adopts a Program for Government -- Richard Fidler 

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