[Marxism] Re: antiwar protests

Joseph Callahan joeandcaroline at msn.com
Thu Feb 1 11:39:17 MST 2007

Sayan Bhattacharyya asked why the press (especially the liberal press)
would low-ball the numbers at the antiwar protest.  This is because
the corporate media is hostile to efforts to mobilize people in demos
to try to bring about a change as major as ending the occupation
of Iraq.
   The corporate media is part of the status quo, and they want the
people to leave decisions such as going to war to the elite and
their representatives in Washington.  And if we want to express an
opinion it should be done by voting for some "major" political party
and its candidates.  
    I would add that I think we are at an important crossroads in the
struggle against this war.  More and more people agree with us, and
the escalation intensifies the conflict there and the clash between
the desires of the American public and the government warmongers.
The escalation means not only more troops, they are being more
aggressive in trying to crush opposition.  This means more people 
dying, both Iraqis and Americans. 
    It also means it is more difficult to sweep the war under the rug
or to ignore protests, although they will continue to "low-ball" the
numbers of protestors.

Joe Callahan

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